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  • To supervise, assist, provide technical guidance and to develop the business of Forest Labour Co-operative Societies, Multipurpose Cooperative Societies functioning for the benefit of Tribal & Backward Classes people and to control, co-ordinate and consolidate their activities.
  • To enter into all kinds of contracts and transactions relating to major and minor forest produce with a view to gradual elimination of middlemen and thus ensure fair wages and fair share in profits to Tribal & Backward classes workers.
  • To purchase agricultural produce and market such produce to the best advantage.
  • To undertake the distribution of supplies and make such bulk purchases as may be necessary for this purpose.
  • To undertake the processing and grading of agricultural and forest produce and other commodities and to set up manufacturing and processing units.
  • To raise loans and accept deposits.
  • To arrange for and provide such credits as may be required..
  • To take up the management of any Co-operative Society.
  • To acquire and hold shares in any Co-operative Society.
  • To provide facilities for training in Co-operative Organisations and to grant such facilities, scholarships and awards for research or other purposes as would directly or indirectly help the Co-operative movement among Tribal & Backward Classes in general.
  • To undertake development work relating to Tribal & Backward Classes.
  • Generally to undertake such other business and do such other things as are incidental and conductive to the promotion and attainment of the above objects.